Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Community First Health Co-op Annual Statutory Meeting - June 2015

The CFHC Statutory meeting was held on June 12. 2105 with the full board in attendance. 

Karen and Erin
We welcomed our two new board members Erin Morrison and Karen Hornby.  Erin is a health coach and Karen is a nurse, so both bring a fresh perspective to our board. We are excited for all the possibilities of tapping into their energy and expertise.

It was fun as we told them about the adventures and misadventures of trying things on the board and gave them fair warning, that if you have a great idea and want to fly with it, go for it, but you will be heading the initiative and the rest will be there for backup.

We are very happy to report that we are financially solvent and in good shape.  We have managed to rent out most of our space and we have a continual rental of the Stoddart Room for long term course or workshops.  Thanks to Lynn for managing this for us.

We are making an application for The Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program for some work on our HVAC system. We are hoping to be successful as with all buildings, heat and ventilation and air conditioning always seem to be in need of updating. This is only for infrastructure and so fingers crossed we get this one.  UPDATE:  We just received the great news that we will be receiving $50,000 to support this important initiative.

Our next meeting, unless something comes up , will be on Tuesday September 8 at 2;30 pm.

Have a great summer and as they say, we will catch you on the flip side!

Eric and Marion