Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Passport to Wellness II: A Resounding Success and Next Year's Event is Already in Mind!

So what does it take to put on a health fair? Well it takes a small but dedicated committee, some amazing sponsors, practitioners from all areas of health and wellness, representatives from many organizations and a community that wants to know what is out there to help them with their own wellness plan.

On April 16, 2016, the Passport to Wellness 11 Health Fair took place at the Community First Health Co-op.  There were 12 interactive sessions that represented a large variety of topics and 15 booths set up by local agencies to gather information on an array of health issues in the area.

  Oso coffee and herbal teas paired with some great fresh veggies, wraps and fruit trays was available throughout the day, ably handled by Sarah Popoff and her two German international student helpers, Tabea and Carolin. 

 Lynn Adams was the official greeter on behalf of the Co-op and was there to answer questions, give directions and encourage people to fill in the feedback forms for a chance at a draw.

Mia Gardiner did triple duty as a committee member, participant, and technology expert so all went flawlessly – which as we all know is often not the case.  

The presenters were very well received by everyone and participants felt that they had such a good variety of presenters and often had to make decisions on what to go and hear. Several people remarked that they were only coming for one presentation but stayed for the day. 

The morning started off with presentations by Mia Gardinier on the
BC Rise Wellness Chronic Pain Workshop
Latest in the fight against cancer and staff of the BC Rise Wellness group doing an interactive session on Chronic Pain relief through activity- I discovered that I stand when I am tired in a manner that is hard on the hips and the back –so now have a mission to get better at that.

At 11 am, as more folk in the area were waking up, we had the chance to hear from Morag Reid from the Nelson Hospice Society on Dying and Grief in our Community,
Essential Oils Workshop
or to learn about Essential Oils and the benefits they have for many issues.

Andrew Earnshaw, ED - Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice
When noon rolled around the numbers picked up and Dr. Lee McKay and Andrew Earnshaw, ED from the Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice gave a great session on the Future of Primary Health Care and Meeting the Challenge.  At the same time, people were learning about Clinical Hypnosis from Jackalin    MacGregor, a session attended by Erin Morrison from our committee as she tried to get to most of the sessions to support our presenters.

After some snacks for lunch, the 1 pm session has Dr Kozak doing a session on Blood type and the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, while others took part in a session by Sandy MacLean on Somatic Psychotherapy –Skills for Resolving Trauma from the Body UP – this proved to be one of our most popular offerings.

2pm it was time for Breakout with Sean Dooley. Sean is a young Nelson man who told his story of overcoming many obstacles and is now an mental health advocate for young athletes in dealing with all of the pressures of performance and the mental health issues that may plague them.  At the same time, Sandy MacLean held another session on Attachment Theory – A Map for Transforming Relationship Distress.

As the day wound down the last sessions were offered by Mark McBride on Mid –Life transitions – Hormones and their effect on our overall health and Dr. Andre Kirsten – Autoimmune Disease and HPA Axis Dysfunction – How stress may be affecting your health.

We want to thank all the groups who had tables or kiosks with volunteers to give our information – Nelson Friends of the Family, Nelson and District Hospice Society, TEETH/ IHA Dental, Breakout, Thermography, Senior’s Co-ordinating Society, Community First Health Co-op, Kootenay Medical Aesthetics, Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Heart and Stroke Foundation, ALS Society of BC, MS Society of BC, BC Lung Association, Arthritis Society of BC, Nelson Community services, Acupuncture and Natural Health Clinic and Mindfulness of Heart. 

Our other hard working committee members were Lonnie Facchina who put together the program and found the community groups for us plus took part in both the MS Society and the Nelson Hospice Society kiosks and presentations, Michael Jessen who helped find presenters and ran the BC Lung Society kiosk, and Marion Hunter who ran up and down stairs most of the day checking to see how things were going and keeping us all energized.  And we, of course, want to thank the CFHC Board Chair Deb Zeeben for moving and arranging and being the backbone of this organization 

 If you missed the fair then you want to book Saturday, April 8, 2017 for the 3rd rendition of the PASSPORT TO WELLNESS FAIR.

 Yours in health and wellness ;-)

Eric and Marion