Monday, 23 November 2015

VOTE for TEETH: Your Local Low Cost Dental Clinic Needs Your Help!

Dr. Osepchook and his dental staff


The West Kootenay Community TEETH Clinic opened in June of 2014 providing service to the West Kootenay/Boundary region.

The need for better dental health, for those with low incomes, has been a driving force for us to develop a way to bring access to dental care to our communities.  Through the success of the WK Community TEETH Clinic there is a way to access local care. In TEETH’s first year the clinic served 192 people with many having multiple appointments.

Hickman and Honsinger Families
As you likely well know dental health is essential for good health, nutrition, self-esteem, and job opportunities.

Through the dedicated work of the board of TEETH and the grantors to this organization, the clinic exists.

Today you have an opportunity to help the clinic. TEETH has been shortlisted for the Pacific Blue Cross 75th Anniversary contest, Share the Care, where the winner receives $50,000. When you vote for TEETH you will help us win the grand prize. We know, with your help, we can win this prize and open more clinics in our region and say YES to more people.

Vote for our video and share the vote with your friends:

  and help us say YES to helping more people access the dental care they need. 

The Board:  Barry, Mara, Debby, Eric and Pegasis

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